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Hunter Bradley Cosplay

So, how do I start?
I'm a cosplayer, I love cosplaying and I started some years ago. When I recently became a fan of Ninja Storm, I was pretty amazed by the "zivil" (more or less) outfit, their ninja uniforms. I love the leather outfit and although I was very unsure at first, if I really want to cosplay a Power Ranger. Don't know about your country, but here I was pretty sure it's a very good way to get laughed at. In the end I didn't care, the more I watched Ninja Storm the more I wanted to cosplay it. Since Hunter is my favorite character and I prefer the Thunder uniform over the Wind uniform, I decided to cosplay him.

It's one of my favorite cosplays now, because it turned out exactly, like I wanted it, which is rare. In addition to I met another cosplayer, who cosplayed the Ranger Form, which was great :D
But enough talked :)
Here are some pictures, which I would like to share with you. I thought, that's the right place to share them and I hope you enjoy them :)

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Oh! I think it's cool.

And it really did came out great. Cool pics!
Thank you very much :)

That Costume is Awsome!
Good Job :)
I'm glad you like it and thanks you for the compliment :)
As a huge fan of their uniforms and a cosplay myself, you've totally made my day! X3 Props to you for even attempting those uniforms, and you even did the quilting details~ ♥ Rock on!
And you have made my day, it's so great to know, others like it, too ^^
The quilting are a big part, why their uniform looks so cool, in my opinion at least :) I didn't thought it, while I working on it, I was more annoyed about it *g*

Thank you so much for your comment ^-^

First, what exactly is cosplay?

Second, did you make that costume?
Uff... I can't even explain in properly in german, but I'll try.

Its name comes from costume and playing a character. It's about making/buying a costume of a character you like and playing him/her for a short time.
It's cames from Japan and Anime/Manga, but it's no longer only related to them. Cosplay isn't anymore only about Anime/Manga, it's including any fandom you can think of, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Comics etc.
It's just the fun to be your favorite character for a short time and dress like him/her :)

Sorry, I can't explain it any better :(

Yes, I did make it by myself :) Well, the most part of it, some things, the trouser, turtleneck and the morpher are bought.
Okay, well actually you explained it quite well I think. So then you play like from the show, or you come up with your own story?

That's awesome that you made it yourself. It looks really good. You did great.
Very nice.

I keep meaning to make the Winds' training uniform - probably the teachers' one they wore in Thunder Storm during DT. Maybe I'll do it for next year's Otakon, if staff are still allowed to cosplay. :D
Thank you very much :)

That's pretty cool. If you do it, please share some pictures. I would love to see it :D
Actually I'm not so much in the playing thing, Live-Action Roleplay isn't so my thing.
I'm just wearing it, while having a good time with friends on a convention.
Of course I try to look and act like Hunter in the photos, but I prefer to be myself without the camera. That's why I'm mostly choosing characters, which don't only look a bit like me, but also having a similar character to me. So I can be myself.

Thank you very much :) I'm really glad you like it.