Danny (dcm3387) wrote in ninjastorm,

Harbor Reef

Author: Dcm3387 A.K.A EarthGuardian
Fandom: Ninja Storms/Dino Thunder (Guest Stars from other seasons)
Pairing: Mystery (Find out!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Power Rangers or any of the characters.

Title: Harbor Reef: Season 1
Summary: Imagine a world where Power Rangers didn’t exist. Crazy huh? What would it be like if the cast of Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder all met each other under different circumstances? How different would be each person feel if the common duty of saving the world wasn’t in their schedule. Would they all be friends? Would they all follow the same beliefs? Follow the cast from both show as they enter an alternative universe; allowing them to crash into each other like never before in a town that is not called Reefside or Blue Bay Harbor, but called Harbor Reef. Hell, anything can happen in this alternative universe so follow these cast of characters in each episode as they face school, relationships, and life altering choices that will not only affect who they become, but where they will go. We all know these guys had dreams; question is where would it had take them if nothing had stood in their way.


Please read and review on the site! I want to know what you think of this new concept!! If I should continue and stuff.
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