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Hunter Bradley Cosplay

So, how do I start?
I'm a cosplayer, I love cosplaying and I started some years ago. When I recently became a fan of Ninja Storm, I was pretty amazed by the "zivil" (more or less) outfit, their ninja uniforms. I love the leather outfit and although I was very unsure at first, if I really want to cosplay a Power Ranger. Don't know about your country, but here I was pretty sure it's a very good way to get laughed at. In the end I didn't care, the more I watched Ninja Storm the more I wanted to cosplay it. Since Hunter is my favorite character and I prefer the Thunder uniform over the Wind uniform, I decided to cosplay him.

It's one of my favorite cosplays now, because it turned out exactly, like I wanted it, which is rare. In addition to I met another cosplayer, who cosplayed the Ranger Form, which was great :D
But enough talked :)
Here are some pictures, which I would like to share with you. I thought, that's the right place to share them and I hope you enjoy them :)

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