made of sea and sunlight (hagar_972) wrote in ninjastorm,
made of sea and sunlight

Fic, Between the Desert and the Sea, complete

Title: Between the Desert and the Sea (complete)
Author: Hagar
Rating: M
Warnings: carpet F-bombing, disturbing as all hell, considerable violence
Summary: Eight months after the events of And Who by Power (, AO3) and a month after the end of the war. Tori has no illusions of being able to leave behind the commitments of the ninja life when college begins, within three weeks’ time. When a fight breaks out within the team, Tori can either keep her family – or make good on a promise, and keep them safe.

AO3: 1 | 2 | 3

( have not been letting me access the Edit Story page in a week; chs.2,3 will go up there once this is resolved.) At, complete.
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